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Chat with Angela Palmer (ALEX)

The following is the first in a series of interviews conducted by our young social media journalist (& fan) Lilah with the cast of SPIRAL. This one is with Angela Palmer, who plays ALEX.

What is the best thing about being an actress?

Acting keeps Angela out of trouble! It’s also a productive way to express yourself. Acting gives her direction and outlook for what she’s going through. She believes that that’s what art does, even of you don’t realize it you’re releasing trauma, feelings and thoughts.

When did you want to be an actress and why?

Angela was really lost. She felt like there wasn’t even a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It sounds crazy, but she suddenly heard Oprah’s voice in her head, from an episode she’d watched years ago. Oprah said (this is not an exact quote): “What you enjoy doing as a child will probably be your perfect career when you’re an adult.” Angela watched a lot of TV when she was a kid, and remembered always wanting to be inside the screen. So, she signed up for an acting class, and look where she is now!

Do you find memorizing lines easy or hard?

Angela finds memorizing lines a challenge, but she finds that doing chores while memorizing really helps!

Which character are you most like in Spiral?

Alex and Emma. Alex is like the other side of Angela that she doesn’t let anyone see. Alex says all the things she wants to say but doesn’t. Emma and her have the same style, and Angela connects with Emma’s background, and feels her struggle.

What are your favourite things about Spiral?

The people! The cast and crew are awesome. Also, Angela hadn’t had a lot of experience with female directors, and really enjoyed working with Jill Carter. She felt more comfortable than with male directors, who are more common. She also really like the new age-y, past life theme. She really likes those topics but often doesn’t get to talk about them, so working on Spiral was really cool!

What are your hobbies?

Angela loves sketching, hanging with friends and enjoying life!

How was your experience of shooting in Victoria?

Magical, and otherwordly. Angela loved Victoria!

Dogs or cats?

Neither! Angela is afraid of big dogs, and hates cats.

Do you have a worst fear? If so, what is it?

Ghosts. Angela says she can sometimes feel their presence.

What is your favourite TV show/movie?

Riverdale is Angela’s guilty pleasure! She also loves 13 reasons why and Sense 8.

What is your favourite book?

Angela likes to read plays and poetry. She is also currently reading ALL of Shakespeare’s books!

What is your favourite food?

Angela grew up eating Italian and Jamaican food, but has also taken a liking to sushi.

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