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Meaning of Dreams

Dreams. We all have them. Sometimes the feelings they make us feel can feel real. Sometimes the stories they tell are extremely vivid. Sometimes they repeat with disturbing regularity. What are dreams and what do they mean?

While dreams can happen during any part of your sleep cycle, the most vivid usually occur during deep REM sleep when our brains are the most active. Dreams and REM sleep have been shown to be important to our overall emotional, psychological and physical health, but there is debate about why we dream. Some experts believe they help us sort out our thoughts and solve problems in our real life, others are just random firing of neurons and mean nothing. Others like Freud believe they are a window into our unconscious.

Many people are curious about their dreams and seek to decode what they mean. The practice of dream interpretation is one that has resulted in many different “dictionaries” that allow you to look up the more common dreams for greater understanding, such as showing up to work naked, falling or your teeth crumbling in your mouth. Lucid dreaming is the practice of staying aware and control in your dreams to interact and solve the challenges they present.

In SPIRAL, our characters share a recurrent disturbing dream that they come to feel is actually a shared past life memory, each from a different perspective. Here are some great resources if you want to learn more about dreams and their meaning:

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