Brennan Clost & Corteon Moore who play CLARK & DAVIS in the SPIRAL web series
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Chat with Brennan Clost (CLARK) and Corteon Moore (DAVIS)

The following is the third in a series of interviews conducted by our young social media journalist (& fan) Lilah with the cast of SPIRAL. This one is with Brennan Clost (who plays CLARK) and Corteon Moore (who plays DAVIS).

Do you find having to pretend to be in a relationship weird?

Corteon and Brennan think they’re fun and kinda cool!

How do you find memorizing lines?

Pretty easy! Brennan has a photographic memory, so that makes it a piece of cake! Both Brennan and Corteon like to memorize all of the parts. They usually read over the script a couple of times, see if they can say all of the parts.

Which character are you most like in Spiral?

Corteon is most like Josh, while Brennan is most like his character, Clark.

Do you like Spiral as a show?

They both really like Spiral! Clark felt a bit of pressure because Andrew has had the idea for so long, and it’s partly inspired by the relationship with his wife, Kate.

What other careers interest you?

Brennan has always thought a marine biologist would be a cool job, and one day Corteon would love to be a drama teacher.

What is the best thing about being an actor?

Being able to do things you normally wouldn’t do and getting paid to play dress up!

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