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Ley Lines & Victoria, BC

The term ley line was first coined by by British businessman and photographer, Alfred Watkins in 1920. He noticed visual straight line connections between landmarks both natural and manmade in the landscape of his country.  He saw them very practically and felt these alignments represented ancient trade routes around which superstitions grew as these paths fell into disuse and decline. To this day, there are ley hunters who travel throughout Britain studying these patterns.

However, there are many who believe ley lines represent something more mystical; that they are straight lines of spiritual or magnetic energy that cross the entire planet; and that these landmarks are manifestations of the power of these places. Some explanations of these paths are that they have  are spirit or death paths, that they have to do with the Chinese concept of Feng Shui or ancient astronomical alignments.

In the third episode of SPIRAL, Grace notes that Victoria, BC is the site of particularly strong ley lines. She implies this is what has triggered the strength of the characters’ shared dream and the mysterious events that unfold during this first season. Victoria has a reputation as a haunted or significant spiritual place and many believe it is because two ley lines intersect in the city: one running East-West, and the other running North-South.

If you want to take a deeper dive into understanding ley lines (especially in the setting of our story) you can find more information here:

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