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Quantum Physics, Thoughts & the Nature of Reality

“I don’t know much about Quantum Physics, unlike my parents who teach string theory, but from what I do understand, our consciousness shapes the world around us, not the other way around.” – Clark, SPIRAL, Episode 4

Quantum mechanics is a branch of physics that looks at the world through the lens of the VERY small, from the perspective of atoms and subatomic particles. At this scale, quantum physics stops following the regular rules of physics and paradoxes and uncertainties abound. For instance, in classical physics, objects exist in a specific place at a specific time. However, in quantum physics, objects instead exist in a haze of probability; they have a certain chance of being at point A, another chance of being at point B and so on. And there have been scientific studies that suggest that simply by observing a particle’s path – even if that observation does not physically disturb the particle’s motion – we change the outcome.

It is this final aspect of quantum physics that lends itself to a more mystical interpretation, where our thoughts and consciousness affect and shape reality. In fact, some suggest there are actually two different realities, the physical reality we take for granted and experience every day through sight and touch and the conscious reality that can only be known or felt. Some believe we can take this even further and with our own consciousness affect this latter reality with our thoughts.

Does this intrigue you? Baffle you? Frustrate you? If you want to learn more about this, here are some good places to start:

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