Hanging out with the SPIRAL web series cast
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I hung out with the cast of SPIRAL and this is what it was like

Hi, I’m Isabella and I’m 15 years old. I was an extra for the big party scene for SPIRAL, shot in Victoria. The first thing you should know is that the cast members were super nice, friendly and enthusiastic. We were shooting a bunch of scenes for the “university party”. The shooting day started in the afternoon and ended in the middle of the night! There were lots of extras there and we were all pretending to be at a wild university party. But we were drinking water out of those beer bottles!

Brennan Clost & fan - SPIRAL web seriesI spent most of my time that night hanging out with Brennan and Corteon. They were both really easy to talk to. We tried out funny pick up lines on each other like “What’s your shirt made of? Boyfriend material?” I even made up a pick up line on the spot that cracked Corteon up. We talked about their careers building up to this point and what they both planned to do next. Brennan was heading directly to Salzburg, Austria and Corteon was looking forward to heading home to Toronto.

When we were filming the party scenes we had to pretend that there was loud music, but in reality we were dancing to silence. In one scene, Louriza and I are jumping on the couch together. I almost fell off the couch and onto Alex Beaton, who laughed. Louriza was missing her shoe for a while after that crazy scene and then we found it after we wrapped the last scene.

The party scene was also the last scene of the entire series, so the crew was excited and sad to be finished as we had to say our goodbyes that night. Hopefully, there will be a Season 2 so I can hang out with them again.

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