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Soul Pods & Clusters

One theory about reincarnation is that there are groups of souls that travel together through multiple lifetimes. Called a soul pod, group, cluster or family, this group of beings are felt to be deeply interconnected and working toward some larger purpose set forth by the universe, to solve a problem or address common objectives that can span eternity. The belief is that these souls are drawn together in each life and manifest as family or friends, often with instant connection or recognition (such as soulmates or kindred spirits).

There are some who also believe that every member of a soul cluster has a specific role or speciality. Many have identified 7 such archetypal roles: the Server (who is caring and charitable), the Artisan (who is creative and playful), the Warrior (who is determined, protective and loyal), the Scholar (who is curious and analytical), the Sage (who is communicative and charming), the Priest (who is visionary and motivating), and the King (who is authoritative and commanding). Although others believe there could be more members in these spiritual families.

In the world of the web series we have met 7 characters that seem to be part of a soul group, but it has been implied there are more. (Perhaps we meet them in future seasons?) If you are curious about learning more about this concept, here are some places to start:

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