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Chat with Kailey Spear (SOPHIE)

The following is the sixth in a series of interviews conducted by our young social media journalist (& fan) Lilah with the cast of SPIRAL. This one, conducted via email, is with Kailey Spear (who plays SOPHIE).

What is the best thing about being an actress?

“I love inhabiting different worlds and exploring different experiences and points of view through characters. My favourite characters to play are people who are different than myself. The greatest part about being an actor is being a part of telling a story with a group of other people.”

When did you want to be an actress and why?

“I was a super shy kid, so it surprises me that I wanted to act from when I was very young. I first saw a friend in a play (she was an umpa lumpa in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) – that’s when I knew I wanted to be a part of what they were doing! I started acting at Tir-na-nOg Theatre School on Bowen Island when I was eight. My first role was a dryad in Narnia. I have loved acting since then.”

Do you find memorizing lines easy or hard? Do you have any tricks for memorizing lines?

“It depends on how long I have to memorize them! If there’s a long chunk and I don’t have a lot of time with it, then that can be stressful. I’ve done a number of Shakespeare plays, and every time I start memorizing those lines, I wonder how I did it previously. But it always gets done! For memorization tricks: I like writing out my lines. It helps me become familiar with the words before launching into the memorization. A lot of the time, I’ll write them up on the computer and then make all my lines white font (that way, I can only read them when they are highlighted). I’ll test myself to see if I know my lines that way.”

Which character are you most like in Spiral?

“In personality, probably Emma. I’d be the one worrying about doing well in school and maybe missing out on parties because of it.”

What are your favourite things about Spiral?

“I love that it brings in past lives. As I mentioned before, I love exploring different experiences; the fact that Spiral involves different life experiences from the same characters is lots of fun!”

What are your hobbies?

“My hobbies greatly overlap with my chosen profession. I am an actor, writer, and director – so, it’s probably no surprise that I love acting as well as watching and learning about films. I also love to read. Being outdoors makes me really happy. I grew up on Bowen Island, so any time I’m in the forest or near the ocean, I’m more happy than when I’m in a city.”

How was your experience of shooting in Victoria?

“It was wonderful! It’s a really great place and I hope to be able to work there again!”

Dogs or cats?

“Dogs :)”

Do you have a worst fear? If so, what is it?

“People I care about getting hurt or dying.”

What is your favourite TV show/movie?

“That’s a super hard question! I can’t answer just one, so I’m going to rattle off some of my faves (in no particular order): The Lord of the Rings, The Secret of Roan Inish, Whale Rider, O Brother, Where Art Thou, Finding Neverland, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Fall (2006), As It Is in Heaven (Sa som i himmelen), All About Eve, Pan’s Labyrinth, Cold Mountain, The Secret Garden. TV: BBC Pride and Prejudice, Firefly, GLOW, The Killing, Slings & Arrows. What I’m watching right now that I’m liking: Peaky Blinders. There are many more, but that’s a start!”

What is your favourite book?

“Peter Pan.”

What is your favourite food?


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