About the Series

A group of freshmen at King’s College in Victoria are about to discover they’ve been friends and enemies, literally, forever.

EMMA (Alexandra Beaton), a scholarship student at the prestigious King’s College, thought her dreams were coming true when she lands a spot in a co-ed residence after a vacancy unexpectedly opens up. She was wrong. Everyday she’s reminded how out-classed she is by her roommate ALEX (Angela Palmer), whose family name is all over the university buildings and scholarships. Less opposites who attract, Emma and Alex share a mutual animosity that seems to cross time. But with the end of the school year in sight, all Emma has to do is make it through finals then she never has to share her life with Alex again. Fortunately, she has a buffer with the other schoolmates sharing the same house: JOSH (Cody Kearsley) whose charm gets him everywhere; nerdy CLARK (Brennan Clost) who keeps a cool distance; DAVIS (Corteon Moore), the pre-med athlete who is Alex’s defacto boyfriend and the group’s Switzerland; GRACE (Louriza Tronco), an eccentric philosopher; and SOPHIE (Kailey Spear), Alex’s visiting best friend.

Just when it seems like the group has nothing in common except for an address, a mysterious death draws them tightly together. Plagued by the same recurring dream that little by little points to karma from a shared past life, the group begins to grasp that their past is the most important key to unlocking the mystery. The only way to clear their names, and possibly stay alive, is to understand how events from their long-ago past drive karma in the present.

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