Emma Young is played by Alexandra Beaton

EMMA is a middle-class student on a prestigious Cormack scholarship and our way into the series. She and her roommate, Alex Cormack, are like oil and water – and this confounds Emma, mainly because she knows that even though she’s at university to get a degree, if the person whose family gave you a scholarship hates you… well, that’s going to have an affect. Emma is the first person in her family to go to college; she’s book smart and hardworking. Her family is depending on her to breakthrough their economic class. But she also has a romantic side and hopes to experience the other things college promises, like relationships.

Emma Young is played by Alexandra Beaton.


Clark is played by Brennan Clost.

CLARK is intense, a calculating strategist. People are slow to like him but over time realize he’s a solid ally. Quietly arrogant, always the smartest person in the room, he is the consummate chess player who maps out every move, ten moves in advance. The only move he can’t muster is the one that opens his heart to another person.

Clark is played by Brennan Clost.


Alex Cormack is played by Angela Palmer

ALEX is the impossibly gorgeous and smart One-Percenter who is hard to like. She flings around her last name and pedigree like a wand whenever she wants something. Her parents are incredibly wealthy, so there’s that too. Alex appears to have all the important things figured out and pretends that nothing matters, but naturally this isn’t so. Alex is deeply loyal to her BFF and former roomie, Sophie, and is very defensive about the fact that she doesn’t know why Sophie inexplicably dropped out of college mid-way through first term. Alex resents Emma for taking Sophie’s spot. She also can’t believe she’s been saddled with a “psycho” roommate (who screams every night). When it comes to anything spiritual or the occult, it’s safe to say that Alex is a skeptic.

Alex is played by Angela Palmer.


Sophie is played by Kailey Spear.

SOPHIE is a seemingly free-spirit who could wear a messy bun, lumber jacket, track pants and still look hot. Rumors abound about why she left school without a word to anyone: she ran off to Europe with a new fling; she went to Standing Rock to protest; she was secretly pregnant; she dropped academics to pursue ceramics; she had a breakdown. They all seem plausible.

Sophie is played by Kailey Spear.


Grace is played by Louriza Tronco.

GRACE wears vintage clothes and has avante-guarde tastes that keep people at a distance and the select few she allows in feel privileged. Her obsession with Blythe dolls and online gaming speaks to a girlish asexuality and gives her a certain air of innocence. Under her inscrutable exterior is a complicated young woman with many secrets.

Grace is played by Louriza Tronco.


Davis is played by Corteon Moore.

DAVIS is the cool millionaire maestro who can have any woman but doesn’t quite believe his own press. Drawn to women with issues, he loves being the saviour and will defend them even against better judgement. Genius level IQ, bores quickly in lectures, privileged prep school background, family fortune in real estate and liquor, an iconoclast who can do or be anything he wants.

Davis is played by Corteon Moore.


Josh is played by Cody Kearsley.

JOSH is the man about campus, a charmer who uses his looks to further his ambitions be it sleeping his way through the roster of hot first years or politicking to get into the good graces of the school’s One Percent classmates. Josh has an affable swagger and ready smile for everyone that makes him impossible to hate.

Josh is played by Cody Kearsley.

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